Our Mission: Restoration

Welcome to the Mercy House of Ashland! MHA is a place of hope, healing, and the restoring of broken lives. A place where God takes our deepest burdens, pain, and ashes and turns them into joy. We are excited about what God has begun to do here in Ashland, PA! Join us on the journey!

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...Mercy triumphs over judgment.
— James 2:13

Our Impact

We desire to positively impact the lives of women and families who have experienced trauma from abortions and all other forms of trauma. We seek to create a safe place for healing from traumatic wounds of the past. A place where women and families will find freedom and healing from guilt, pain, and shame. We believe that Jesus Christ loves us all, regardless of what has happened in our past and that God's love and healing power is available for those asking for it.



Thousand Abortions Remembered

The number of innocent babies that were aborted in Ashland, PA. Their precious lives were taken away, and their purposes and destinies were cut off. The lives of the mothers, fathers, and the extended families were gravely wounded and changed forever. These babies and their lives will never be forgotten.


Months Praying & Interceding

Countless numbers of people have sown seeds of prayer and intercession into this region for the loss of life that took place on this property. The heart of Father God is to bring love, healing, and restoration to every person negatively affected by what took place here. Through ongoing prayer and intercession, our hearts are to see individuals and families lives restored and transformed.


Million Soul Harvest

Our prayer is that for every life lost, God will bring ten lives into His Kingdom! We pray that God will bring a million soul harvest of people's lives transformed and changed! We pray for the transforming power of the gospel message of Jesus Christ to bring sustained transformation through the Ashland region and throughout Northeast Pennsylvania!

You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy,
— Psalm 30:11

Get Involved

Whether it be being a part of a work team to help us renovate or sowing financial seeds into the vision God has given us there's plenty of ways for YOU to get involved at MHA! Check out the ways below on how you can support what God is doing and help aid the healing and restoration of lives!


Volunteer opportunities

Skilled or unskilled, individual or group, we're looking for volunteers to help with labor!

Make a Donation

We need both donors and investors to fund and sow seeds into what God is doing!